Plaut – a partner for power supply companies (PSC) on their way to efficiency enhance-ments.

Numerous power companies – only in Germany there are way above 1.000 – are contesting for customers. In the course of this energy suppliers are even more under pressure: considering the further increasing competition at concurrent increased change readiness of private and business customers. As it is generally known, special contract customers bargain about energy prices right up to decimal places. The consequence: energy suppliers have to noticeably improve their efficiency.

Also network providers are, however, increasingly exposed to massive economic pressure: on the one hand substantial investments for network expansions arise, especially for transmission networks. On the other hand the incentive regulation restricts the scope for enhancements of use-of-system charges.

This is not really different from energy producers: in the light of required renaturations of power plants or new constructions of environmentally more sustainable power plants they have to cope with wide-ranging investment decisions. They also require an effective Controlling of measures to not put their profitability at risk in the future.

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Energy suppliers want to use their IT in a better way

Especially with regard to integrative business processes, like the maintenance Controlling with integrated budget invoices and maintenance management, but also with respect to necessary changes of business processes, often as a result of new guidelines of the regulating authority for energy suppliers. In this case “Business Process Agility“ is efficient and almost indispensable. Realised through creation and use of a „service-oriented architecture (SOA)“: with SOA, existing IT-supported business applications (so-called services) are connected loosely. These “services“ are flexibly new configurable or also changeable. New IT-supported business applications arise quickly and cost-effectively on the basis of existing “services“. How this circumstance is realisable and which concrete benefit is achieved is shown by Plaut: as a competent consulting partner for SOA, especially (but not only) in the SAP environment.

Tailor-made Management Reporting

Especially in difficult times modern IT systems ensure an effective management control for energy suppliers. However, they quickly provide a vast information flood. Only with an economical and IT specific “tailor-made“ composition of Management Reporting for energy suppliers, the crucial control information is provided target-group-specifically and within a narrow time frame – with the aid of market role specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), in fact simultaneously for different controlling perspectives such as “Financials“, “Market“, “Processes“, “Sustainability and Human Capital“. Designed and realised from Plaut as a modern BI solution for different IT platforms (SAP or Non-SAP) of Plaut: as a competent consulting partner for modern Management Reporting and contemporary IT.

Energy suppliers need more transparency

Transparency in the own company is the best insurance for energy suppliers in the rough competition. Required for this purpose is a multidimensional, sales-driven, modern Controlling solution which is implemented with standard software (f.ex. SAP). In the course of this also an activity based costing is integrable. The primary orientation on a transparent and added value-oriented management control is guaranteed by that. Realised by the „integrated cost accounting and income statement (iKE)“ of Plaut. Plaut: a competent and long-term experienced consulting partner for the optimisation of Controlling with modern IT for the improvement of transparency.

However, also service providers and subcontractors of energy suppliers are encouraged to be more transparent: the “Open Book Costing” finds its way and provides disclosures of cost information among legally autonomous business partners: a procedure known from the automobile sector, used as an instrument in the Supply Chain Management. Also in the energy supply sector the „Open Book Costing“ is increasingly in demand to make maintenance offers from external service providers transparent. Apart from that, these service providers are able to better realise their own efficiency and competitiveness – a win-to-win situation is targeted. Plaut shows how this is possible: as a competent consulting partner for the necessary reorganisations of business processes and IT to increase transparency.

Energy suppliers face up to SEPA

Year 2014: the “Single European Payment Area (SEPA)“ also brings energy suppliers an europe-wide new claim collection for debit entry and remittance in the electronic payments.

The SEPA change on the 1st of February 2014, however, means fundamental changes of payment and accounting processes, and not only the changes to IBAN and BIC. The complex SEPA effects on numerous business processes of energy suppliers have to be brought under control, especially with regard to their customer contact or claim management. Unfortunately these demands are still demands for action which are often still underestimated.

For this reason energy suppliers have to punctually plan the necessary reorganisations and implement them quickly before the 1st of February 2014. Punctually means to begin now. Together with Plaut: a competent consulting partner for the necessary reorganisa-tions of business processes and IT in consequence of SEPA.

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