Why Plaut?

Why BI consultancy?

Too much data, too little strategy

Too much data from too many sources, without a solution dedicated to data processing and extracting the necessary information for decision making … Brings only headaches for everyone involved.


A low data quality

Poor organization of existing data in the company, leads to long periods of reorganization for the company. Periods in which the company cam barely stagnate in its objectives.

Too many barriers to reach the data

Data security is important in any business. What happens when, although the data is secure, it is hidden behind too many requirements? It becomes a problem when there’s the need to make an important decision quickly and you cannot based it on data, because it takes too long to get acces to it.

Too many BI tools that nobody knows how to use

Their goal is to get to the top companies that have implemented them. This requires the organization to know the tools, training over training for everyone in the organization. It is not easy, neither for the company nor for employees.

“For example, looking at the sales world again, traditional BI systems pull data from the customer relationship management (CRM) system. But CRM data is notorious for being terrible because sales reps hate taking time from selling to update their CRM. On the other hand, sales reps live in customer meetings and in email. For BI to work in that environment, it needs to automatically capture all the email and calendar information. Systems that do that can show exactly what reps are doing and, more important — because meetings and email exchanges are with customers — how engaged and enthusiastic customers are.” Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari

Why Plaut's consultants?

To find hidden problems and give accurate solutions

In many cases, a company may experience some “symptoms”, a decline in sales, a problem with cash flow, internal management clearly failing to find the problem. Solutions either can’t be found in the company because there isn’t the necessary knowledge or involve too many internal resources and is not feasible. A good BI consultant can save time and money by providing a customized solution to company problems.

Experience and knowledge in multiple fields

Our consultants are not only experienced developers of the most advanced existing BI technologies, but they also have experience of implementing analytics solutions interest in several industries (banking, financial, retail, insurance, etc.). Knowledge industry knowledge and advanced BI applications development, together with excellent communication skills and organization creates an ideal package for a partnership with any company that wants to become once driven.

Because you need someone who knows exactly what to do, not someone trying to do something

Most companies initially try to keep the BI analysis and systems in house, employing people that seams to handle the job, doing no more than spending money while trying to cope in an environment where a BI consultant would be at ease.

Why training and implementation with Plaut?

Because we have experience in developing applications for multiple industries with large databases. Because every time we’ve succeeded to implement and develop applications in record time, respecting deadlines even with major changes at the last minute.

how can we help you?

Contact us for anything you want to know about BI. We will gladly help you

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