“It’s Not About Killer Apps, It’s About Killer Questions…”

Approaching healthcare analytics from a 360-degree view.

…..So said a healthcare executive during an animated discussion on healthcare analytics best practices at the 2015 CHIME forum. What challenges were highlighted during this debate? The most hotly debated topic was in fact healthcare culture. How do you create a progressive environment of constructive questioning? How do you ensure that clinicians, specialists, nurses and managers embrace the potential value that visual analytics can bring to their complex, stressful daily environments? How do you get people to work together better using a common understanding of data to inform decision-making?

The answers have as much to do with leadership and behavioral change as innovative application development. There are plenty of guides covering the technical elements of implementing analytics technology and programs successfully in healthcare. Yet when it comes to generating value from analytics investment and activity, the majority of work revolves around other aspects.

This is why it’s important to approach healthcare analytics from a 360-degree view perspective. So we’ve produced a toolkit designed to help stakeholders create an enterprise-wide, sustainable and progressive environment for analytics.

It includes:

    • A framework to ensure stakeholders properly embed analytics strategy within the wider organizational environment to generate value.


    • A value generation check-list outlining the critical factors in building pathways to tangible results.


  • Examples of healthcare organizations which have successfully generated value from analytics.

This is not a prescriptive framework. Analytics strategies work best when they are aligned to an organization’s specific characteristics, potential and limitations. This toolkit is based primarily on lessons from the healthcare transformation, improvement and analytics front-lines. We have interviewed and worked with healthcare executives and specialist partners from around the world, drawing together best practice from a broad range of knowledge and experience.

The finishing touches are just being applied and the material will be launched on September 8 at 2pm ET via a HIMSS webinar: Improving Healthcare with Analytics: The Essentials to Creating a Data-Driven Organization. The webinar will introduce the core content referenced above and show how it can be applied. In the meantime, keep an eye on http://healthcare.qlik.com for a toolkit which will be posted in the next few weeks.

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